Newlywed mentally challenged thirty-somethings try to chart a normal life engulfed by the “help” of their wildly abnormal family.

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Arnoldean Summers is a mentally challenged young woman in her mid-twenties .

Arnie’s parents were both killed in an auto accident when she was twelve years old. After their passing, Shirley, Arnie’s older sister continued to raise her. Arnie lived with both Shirley and her husband, Dave, until she married Ernie, one week ago.

Arnie attended a different school with a special needs program, but like Ernie she also graduated from high school. After graduation she helped Shirley’s best friend clean office buildings after hours.

Once they decided to marry, Ernie convinced her to give up the night job. She quit her job to stay home and take care of Ernie as his janitorial job paid enough to modestly support them.

Arnie speaks her mind and everyone loves her.


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Ernest Summers is a mentally challenged young man in his mid-twenties.

He is the only child of Bob Summers and Helen Daniels, who have been divorced for ten years. Ernie continued to live with his father.

Ernie attended public school, and with the help of special needs classes, he was able to graduate from from high school. His father helped Ernie to become employed as a custodian at the Martin Luther King Middle School.

Ernie has a wonderful relationship with this father and also with Dave and Shirley (Arnie’s sister and brother-in-law).

Ernie met Arnie at a community center for persons with special needs. They knew each other for two years before they began dating. After a year together, they married with the blessings of Ernie’s father and Arnie’s sister and brother-in-law.

The love of Ernie’s life is Arnie, and at the outset of our pilot they have been married for one week.



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Upcoming Episodes

There are also countless stories from Ernie and Arnie’s incredibly compassionate and full lives that have yet to be shared. And there are numerous characters from their world that haven’t yet grown from their lives and experiences with Ernie and Arnie.

For more details click below…

  • EPISODE ONE – We meet the newlyweds as they party on their one week anniversary.
    • Arnie Summers finalizes her meticulously made party plans as…
    • Ernie Summers arrives from work with a surprise gift (goldfish) and…
    • While Arnie helps Ernie change for the party her sister (Shirley Jewell) and brother-in-law (Dave Jewell) motor in bickering all the way.
    • As the gathering begins Ernie’s long absent mother (Mrs. Helen Daniels) arrives upsetting everyone. Dave ‘slices her up’ and chases her out.
    • With Mrs. Daniels at least temporarily gone Ernie and Dave have a “heart to heart” about “the kid’s love life” and…
    • As the party winds down Dave disappointed by the lack of alcohol tells all about how a disgruntled “crazy painting lady” customer helped break his foot earlier in the day.
    • After Shirley and Dave leave Ernie, and Arnie gently review the confusing day and decide to take the fish for a walk.
  • EPISODE TWO – A day in the life not so ordinary.
    • Arnie gets Ernie ready for work as a custodian at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School (MLKM) and as he leaves she…
    • Frets over her first attempt to do the wash in the apartment complex laundry room when…
    • A gregarious outsized neighbor Blanche Chow forges in to help and introduces herself as the “retired” former operator of “The Happy Rooster” chicken ranch of Rattlers Butt, Nevada.
    • Ernie arrives at work and is immediately called into the Principal’s office as he convinces himself he is about to be fired…. instead he is promoted to “assistant head custodian”.
    • Arnie learns more about the “chicken” business from Mrs. C who had to “release her hens” when they could not “make ends meet” to pay the bills and now they are “strutting the streets”.
    • At the end of the day, Ernie shares his delight at the promotion and Arnie says she wants to rescue Mrs. C’s poultry from their wandering ways (“Do you think I could get a job raising chicks?”).
  • EPISODE THREE – Arnie wants a job.
    • As Ernie leaves for work full of happy with his new status (but not more pay), Arnie working on the family accounts decides she should get a job…
    • Mrs. C zips in and suggests a bagger job at Therman’s Buy Rite Grocery Store-the owner was a Happy Rooster client when he was out west at a convention, and owes her one.
    • At work Ernie counsels a bullied geek and learns that his family has a unique need the school might be able to fill.
    • Dave tries to make up with “crazy painting lady” but things get way worse.
    • At day’s end Ernie cryptically tells Arnie he helped solve a family’s domestic problem with school resources and Arnie springs the “I want a job” shocker.
  • EPISODE FOUR – Arnie gets a job-Ernie wants a “ride”.
    • Mrs. C takes Arnie to the Buy Rite–the owner (Therman Morris-hyper-nervous) recognizes Mrs. C (from where? Oh God!)–Arnie gets the job–starts tomorrow.
    • Ernie visits Dave at “crazy painting lady’s” house and charms her while asking Dave for driving lessons.
    • Dave tells Shirley that Ernie fixed his paint lady problem-and now Ernie wants to drive. Shirley ain’t so sure. She wants to share important news-by then he is snoring.
    • Arnie stuns Ernie with the “I start my job tomorrow” news-he is silent on his student driver plans.
  • EPISODE FIVE – First day-first job (ever)
    • Ernie gets Arnie ready for a totally new experience, with sage working wisdom.
    • Mrs. C drives Arnie to the Food Mart (its one block away) with sage working wisdom (a broad hint on managing the owner).
    • Arnie is assigned to the “chief check-out concierge” (Kennie Pohl, outrageous) for indoctrination. Oh goodness, they bond immediately.
    • Dave and Ernie are “driving” in the local cemetery after work-they are observed.
    • Arnie, giddy, recounts her day. Now Ernie stuns her with his driving adventure.
  • EPISODE SIX – It hits the fan
    • Ernie and Arnie fumble helping each other for work–they part a bit cool for the first time.
    • Mrs. D shows up at Arnie’s check-out line, totally unable to cope with the ‘grocery store’ experience (she has NEVER bought food ‘retail’), insisting Arnie go to lunch with her “very soon at my club”.
    • Shirley visits Dave at work–totally pissed by her sister’s negative feelings on Ernie/driving–hinting at something deeper.
    • Ernie is called in to the Principal’s office and sheepishly accused by his boss (Anthony Perez-loves Ernie) of “sharing” school “resources” with a student. He’s been giving TP to the bullied geek for his desperate family.
    • Ernie and Arnie share a total day’s dump of what happened just like Dave and Shirley told them (well not exactly like Dave and Shirley-cause they bicker all the time and we…ever again!).
  • EPISODE SEVEN – No good deed goes…
    • Arnie is on top of her bagging when a flaky neighbor (Sunshine-no last name) she has just met asks her to “commune” with her “precocious spawn” (Rain-(7) no last name) while she Pilates manana. How can Arnie say no.
    • Mrs. C picks up Arnie and offers to help her “reprioritize your abode’s furnishings”. How can Arnie say no.
    • Ernie asks Dave to take him to his driver’s test. He ain’t ready but how can Dave say no.
    • Shirley shows up at the kid’s apartment-she has left Dave-and wants to “crash just for a day or two”. (Crash, what?). How can they say no.
    • As they fall asleep, Arnie tells Ernie-you fix this with Dave-take him camping, he likes camping. How can Ernie say no.
  • EPISODE EIGHT – …npunished
    • Ernie fails his driver’s test (oh so close)–and sort of fumbles an invitation to go camping with Dave.
    • Arnie and Mrs. D are at her club with “the ladies who lunch” and oh boy do they.
    • When Mrs. D and Arnie return to the apartment Sunshine and Rain are at the door– (gosh was it today?) yup it’s “commune” time and A and D are trapped (Rain takes charge).
    • Shirley is snoring on the couch outside their bedroom door as the kids lay awake trying to figure a way out.
  • EPISODE NINE – Is that a light or a train
    • Ernie slides out (bumpy and barely) before Shirley is up.
    • Arnie breakfasts desperately with Shirley and when the cavalry (Mrs. C) shows up Arnie heads to work while the Mrs.’s asks Shirl’ to help redecorate the kid’s place (and “you know, Shirley, I think you should start a career in chicken ranching”).
    • Ernie convinces Dave to go “camping” with him IN DAVE’S LIVING ROOM (don’t ask).
    • Arnie is back from work and the apartment is…ifferent.
    • Ernie and Arnie sit frozen in their newly redecorated abode–its early bordello with a touch of, well, current bordello.
    • Arnie hugs Ernie and whispers in his ear. “Please—camp—Dave–make this stop, now.”
  • EPISODE TEN – Yup, it’s a train.
    • Arnie has escaped to work. As the store closes Mrs. D shows up and they get locked in the staff break room. Oh goody, finally, lots of time to bond.
    • Dave and Ernie are camping alright, right in the middle of Dave’s living-room no phones allowed–now Ernie is the adult in the room.
    • When Arnie is a no show from work and Ernie is also absent Shirley, in a tizzy, goes to the streets with Mrs. C and Kennie “to the hunt”.
    • At the point of madness Arnie and Mrs. D are saved when Therman’s tryst with his office manager, in the veggie aisle, sets off the sprinklers.
  • EPISODE ELEVEN – And now for something completely different.
    • Ernie is crossing a playground to Dave’s house when he encounters bullies picking on a mentally challenged girl–as he puts them in their place Dave shows up–he is ready to make up with Shirley.
    • Arnie is seen going into an office marked “Dr. Robert Summers” (he’s Ernie’s dad).
    • Ernie sees Rain hanging in the park and gives the, ‘confused by his nutsy mother’, some sage advice (“my mom abandoned me-yours is just wandering in her head”).
    • Mr. Thermin shows up at his Buy Rite with a broken neck from the “incident” and tells Kennie “I can’t make a go of a hole-in-the-wall ‘stall’ like this” and Kennie impulsively decides to make him an offer he can’t refuse (Kennie buy’s Buy Rite).
    • At day’s end, Ernie tells Arnie he is proud that he ‘persuaded’ Dave to make up with Shirley and helped Rain. When Arnie is too preoccupied with her own thoughts to respond, he hints she will get a neat surprise tomorrow (her birthday – -she knows he is in for the surprise).
  • EPISODE TWELVE – It begins again.
    • Shirley throws a surprise birthday party for Arnie and the gang’s all there (including Ernie- Kennie-Mrs. C and Mrs. D) but no Dave.
    • Dave arrives-makes an impassioned “come back Shirl” when Shirley blurts “I am pregnant” and shows him the test strip. Mrs. C says let’s try that again (one negative-“lets do the best two out of thee-always worked with my hens”) and after Shirley’s five negative pees on the strip, everybody happily exhales.
    • As Dave and Shirley bounce out the door (back to being the loving, battling Bickersons) they pass Dr. Summers going in and he hears Shirley to Dave– “Honey, I think we should adopt”.
    • Ernie and Arnie sit quietly wide-eyed with his dad AND Mrs. Daniels as Arnie reads the paper Dr. Summers brought with him. “The test says we are going to have a boy.” Grandpa Bob is happy, Grandma Helen is, well…

The future:
As the seasons of Ernie and Arnie unfold leaping years forward, we forge ahead rapidly in the progress of their lives and world, keeping our audience captivated, our actors challenged by creating fast evolving characters, and our writers deeply creatively engaged.

Season Two:
Its three years later and the kids have a ‘normal’ bright precious son Bobby (it’s his birthday). Mrs. C is teaching him Chinese (American style)—Mrs. D has converted to earth GRANDmother (which really ticks Ernie’s dad off) and Dave and Shirley are now actively sparing about adopting especially when babysitting for their nephew. Dave has started his own painting contractor business with two mentally challenged “associates” who think they are Laurel and Hardy while at work. Kennie has settled in, as only he can, managing the “Buy Rite”. He persuades Arnie to start keeping his books (but no hankie pankie in the veggie aisles for them). Ernie copes with love and humor being the dad to a son (trying to figure out his “different” parents) using the daily lessons he learns from the kids at Martin Luther King.

Season Three:
Bobby is about to start middle school at MLKM and the “kids” have moved to a small home. Mr. and Mrs. C have moved in next door and sort of decided to try to raise chickens again this time for real. Arnie wants to help, Shirley gets the wrong idea and when the chicken raising fails the Chows petition the city to get one of the first marijuana growing permits. Dave’s business is a spectacular success-he is on TV and his comic workers are a local-going national hit (The Real Painters of the Capitol City).


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Ernie and Arnie are having their first house party. Its got to be perfect even though Arnie’s sister and her husband Dave will be the only ones there, at least that’s the plan.

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